Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Survivor: Philippines Power Rankings After Episode 5

12. Katie – A lot of things are working against Katie’s game right now. She lost her biggest ally in the game after Dana pulled herself from the game and she sucked at the previous challenge, costing them a trip to tribal council. Numbers are not on her side. If Kalabaw loses another immunity challenge, she is on the chopping block.

11. Mike – Mike went from being in top position to the bottom of the totem pole in his tribe. When Pete and Abi found the idol, Mike was in bad shape. But with Malcolm’s arrival to Tandang camp, things took a turn for the worse because that makes him expendable. Sadly, we haven’t seen him do some scrambling and strategizing so that does not look good.

10. RC – I am disappointed with how badly RC’s game went after just 2 or 3 episodes. She went from being the orchestrator of the majority alliance in Tandang to the minority. Now, she is in danger of going home once they lose an immunity challenge. What is more disappointing thing about RC’s gameplay is that she keeps on reiterating the fact that she needs time. She has to make a stronger move soon, other than flirting, in order to stay in the game.

9. Artis – Artis is right smack in the middle of the alliance over at Tandang. He can choose to go on either sides: Pete and Abi or Mike and RC. His choice will significantly impact his chances further down the road.

8. Lisa – Lisa is in the same spot as Artis at Tandang. However, she has a slight edge over Artis because she is perceived as less of a threat and her motherly figure might work to her advantage. If she can find a good alliance to side on, she could go deep.

7. Carter – Carter is like Jeff’s right hand. He is perceived as an asset to the tribe with his performance in challenges. On the other hand, he does not stir the pot and cause drama, so he might go deep unnoticed.

6. Jeff – He is a strong physical competitor, which makes him valuable for his tribe. He might even be the strongest member in their tribe so they can keep him around longer to help win challenges; that is, if merge won’t be around soon. The only thing that could work against him at this point is if someone from his tribe, or the other, that could reveal his identity. If he can keep that a secret, he is safe for now.

5. Denise – She is the strongest woman this season, probably in the same vein as RC is. Denise also got a tight allegiance with Malcolm. If a merge happens soon, then this would give her the opportunity to reunite with Malcolm and they can go deep together, with the help of the immunity idol.

4. Abi-Maria – The queen of one-liners this season. Abi is clearly a fun character to watch, although at times she can be annoying. But Abi is safe going into Episode 6 because she has the idol in her pocket and she is allied with Pete who is making all the strategic moves for their duo.

3. Jonathan – He has the idol on his pocket. He also formed a strong alliance with the men in Kalabaw. Therefore, he is safe even if they make a return trip to tribal council.

2. Pete – Pete is in a good spot. He is allied with Abi Maria, who has Tandang’s hidden immunity idol. And even when the idol is in Abi’s pockets, Pete holds the power position because he is the one commanding this alliance.

1. Malcolm – Everybody loves Malcolm! All things went to Malcolm’s favor in Episode 5 and I think he is in the best spot in the game right now. This luck started to turn around when he found the hidden immunity idol, and because of the idol he has further secured his allegiance to Denise as she is likely to become more loyal to her. Then, he was sent to Tandang and they begin to dominate the challenges. And everyone in Tandang is trying to win him over with Pete telling him all the intel on the camp while he keeps his strategy on the down low. 

What's your take on my power rankings this week? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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  1. I'm quite surprised that you've ranked Pete higher than Denise. Personally, should I'll be ranking them based on strategy, my ranking would be:

    The first six proved that their strategy is going in the right direction and it seems unbreakable.

    1) Malcolm - for finding the hidden idol at the right moment at the right time.

    2) Jeff -for successfully voting-out Dawson.

    3) Denise - for having a new alliance in Kalabaw and for being not-so-confident that she'll be 100% safe. Like what I've written in my Epi 5 post, Denise can "dig in and dig deep" in any situation.

    4) Jonathan - for as long as he's with Carter and Jeff, he'll be safe.

    5) Carter - for as long as he's with Jonathan and Jeff, he'll be safe.

    Most names in Tandang are right in the middle. Their strategy aren't visible and aren't put into test unless they face Tribal Council.

    6) Lisa - I agree with what you said.

    7) Artis - This man seems invisible until now. For sure, it's only the editing yet I can sense that he's still safe.

    8.) Abi - Too emotional player but she's lucky to have a group who's winning challenges. Editing-wise, a lot of people may find her annoying but they can't change the situation, she's safe.

    9) Mike - Very smart and very strategic in a covert way.

    The last three are going downhill should they don't do something to fix cracks.

    10) Pete - for being too honest with Malcolm.

    11) RC - She's still a threat and with no numbers at her side except for Mike.

    12) Katie - for being a weakling and for having no numbers at her side.


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