Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Survivor Caramoan: Fans and Favorites Bets

It's been three episodes in and I know that I should've done this earlier. But, better late than never. There is also an advantage to writing about my picks for this season after three episodes because that would've given me more ground to cover, in terms of analyzing their physical, social, and strategic games up to this point. 

If you've read about my earlier post, then you might know by now that my pre-show bets were rather disappointing. Allie went second and Eddie has not shown any strategic side to his game at all, even making himself sound like a douchebag by naming their alliance the "Cool Kids" club

Gota - Fans Tribe

Laura Alexander - If you've read my earlier assessment of her, you would be surprised that I've listed Laura here. Even I was surprised at myself. But she impressed me. During the first episode, we didn't get to see much of her. But the next two episodes gave us a peek into her strategic game and boy is she smarter than she initially appeared (oops!). Her ploy to try and switch the votes up last episode was a smart move to seal in the vote for Shamar (from the remainder of the Cool Kids alliance) and deviated it from her, who was clearly the weakest link at the reward/immunity challenge. If we can get more puzzles at the upcoming challenges, she might prove her worth in the challenges as she claims to be good at puzzles. Until then, she has found herself in a solid majority alliance at the Fans tribe, so she is looking good at this point.

Sherri Bentham - Sherri is another surprise for me - I initially thought that she will have a hard time fitting in because she's the oldest of all the females in the tribe. But with Allie gone, she is now their strongest female. That makes her a valuable member of the tribe. Also, she is leading the pack of their six-person alliance and even recruited annoying Shamar into their clique. If Sherri can continue to strategize to put herself on the number's side, then she can potentially do well deeper into the game (if she can make it that far!).

Michael Snow - Yes, another surprise! With every episode, I am getting to like Mike even more. I do think he's doing a great job right now. He has established a two-person alliance with Matt (who I cheer for as well, but only for likability not entirely for his gameplay) and chose to go with the alliance of Sherri, Shamar, Laura, and Julia to get the numbers advantage. The key move for Michael is the fact that he is letting Sherri do all the dirty work until it is time for him to go to work.

Reynold Toepfer - In my cast assessment of the fans, I said that I will keep an open mind about Reynold's game because I can't get a read on him. So far, he's been quite impressive at challenges and at the strategic side of the game. The only downside to his game is that he got off on the wrong foot with the Cool Kids Alliance. His closest allies are now being picked off one by one and if it weren't for his strength at challenges, he might've been gone, too. He also found the hidden immunity idol at the Fans' camp, which he pointed out as being a pocketful of kryptonite. It'll be interesting how and when he uses that.

Bikal - Favorites Tribe 

John Cochran - Coming into this season, I am surprised that I have come to like Cochran during the first few episodes. He has become such a lovable character this season. No longer as awkward as in South Pacific, but still awkward. But I guess that comes with his package. If he can get the right alliance, I think he has a very good chance. He is a non-threat at challenges and he is a joy to be around. Unless he sucks at the challenge so much as to cost them a trip to tribal council, I think he is safe going into the merge.

Andrea Boehlke - She is one of the stronger females on the Favorites tribe when it comes to challenges. And I think the biggest advantage that Andrea has coming into this game is the fact that she played with and learned from Boston Rob. The only fear I have about Andrea's game is that she is playing too hard and too aggressive at such an early point. If she puts herself out there, there will always be a danger of being an early target. If she can dodge the bullet, I think Andrea has good chances to go deep.
Malcolm Freberg - Do I even need to explain? Malcolm has played the best game he could during his stint on Survivor: Philippines, except for the slight hiccup at the end with Denise and failing to win the final immunity challenge. He promised to play the exact same way he did last time but with slight modifications. But it will be challenging given that it's a different set of players he's going up against with this time. But I count on Malcolm to play smart. Finding the hidden immunity idol is just another ace in his game.

What did you think of my picks?


  1. I really like your list. I completely agree. I was really surprised by Laura as well.

  2. Laura already let the her paranoia get to her. Yeahs she sucked at the challenge but, no need was targeting her. She made up that plan to get rid of shamar so that people wouldn't target her, which was dumb because no one is looking to vote her out. I think if she's THAT paranoid, then she will be as loopy as Brandon was last time.

    I want Cochran to go. He doesn't deserve to make it to the merge. Wth his track record he can't possibly be trusted once the merge hits.

    Reynold is a douche. He's been that way since his initial interview. He might have looks but he's very dumb when it comes to socializing in general.
    Sherri is awesome. Malcolm is awesome.


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