Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet The Cast: Tyson & Rachel

Tyson is one of the most animated characters in the over 10 years of Survivor history. Indeed, he is full of himself, but in a funny way. He treated us to his witty, unforgettable, and always funny one-liners when he first appeared in Survivor: Tocantins. But being viewed as a threat, he eventually got voted off to become the member of the jury that handed JT the million dollars in his first season.

On Tyson's second appearance in Survivor, he did not even make it to the merge. He figured in one of the most talked about tribal councils in Survivor history wherein he was swayed by Russell to change up his vote, which ended up in him going home instead of Parvati or Russell (the two with whom the Villains' majority alliance had split their votes on that time). Some would even go as far as calling it the dumbest moves in Survivor history. Whether you agree or not, one thing is for sure: it's always fun to watch Tyson!

What kind of antics will Tyson be bringing this time? Will his girlfriend Rachel be able to keep up? Get some insights into their gameplay coming into the game with this interview video with Dalton Ross, Entertainment Weekly correspondent for Survivor:

Do you think Tyson or Rachel will go to the end this time?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet the Cast: Candice & John

In anticipation of the upcoming premier of Survivor: Blood vs Water, several press videos and interviews had been released to give fans a glimpse of the twists that are upon them with the new season. At the same time, it gives fans the opportunity to learn more about the castaways and their loved ones. Most of you, fans, are probably excited to get to know more of the loved ones, especially since we already know (at least, to some extent) what to expect from the returning castaways.

Candice Woodcock-Cody is a third-time player. She first appeared in Survivor: Cook Islands wherein she is best known for her mutiny against the then-Aitu tribe to join her allies Parvati and Adam at the Raro tribe. She made her second appearance in Heroes vs Villains wherein she was part of the Heroes tribe that were decimated by the villains. When she turned on her own tribe mates to vote out Amanda, she was quickly voted off the next tribal council since her supposed new alliance did not trust her.

Is third time the charm for Candice? It will be a completely different game this time because she is joined by her husband, John. You can learn more about the duo's strategy in this video of Candice and her husband John Cody in an interview on-set with Dalton Ross for Entertainment Weekly.

Stay tuned for other videos from other Survivor castaways and their loved ones.

Which duo has emerged as your pre-game favorite in Survivor: Blood vs Water?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Survivor Blood vs Water: New Cast and Twists

The long wait is over. CBS has officially lifted the curtains on the cast list of the new season, 27th, for its long-running hit reality TV Show, Survivor. The new season will be dubbed as "Survivor: Blood vs Water" and will feature 10 returning players and 10 of their relatives/loved ones. The concept might seem obvious at first glance, judging by the tagline for this new season. But always have a knack for innovation, Jeff Probst and the show's producers apparently have more tricks under their sleeve.

First off, let us meet the casts for Season 27, Survivor: Blood vs Water:

1. Rupert Boneham (Survivor Pearl Islands, Survivor: All-Stars & Survivor: Heroes vs Villains) and wife Laura

2. Tina Wesson (Survivor: Australian Outback winner) and daughter Katie
3. Aras Baskauskas (Survivor: Exile Island winner) and brother Vytas
4. Kat Edorsson (Survivor: One World) and boyfriend Hayden Moss
5. Monica Culpepper (Survivor: One World) and husband Brad Culpepper
6. Colton Cumbie (Survivor: One World) and boyfriend Caleb Bankston
7. Gervase Peterson (Survivor: Borneo) and niece Marissa
8. Tyson Apostol (Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Heroes vs Villains) and girlfriend Rachel
9. Laura Morett (Survivor: Samoa) and daughter Ciera
10. Candice Woodcock-Cody (Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs Villains) and husband John

Jeff Probst also reveals that several twists, both old and new, will be incorporated into the show's 27th installment. One of them is the return of the Redemption Island twist. This means that castaways that are voted off do not automatically go home. Instead, they will be exiled into a separate island wherein they will await another castaway to join them and compete in a head-to-head duel.

But Redemption Island is not like before - the loved ones twist brings forth another layer of complication into the game. If the castaways would want to, they can opt to trade spots with their loved ones such that they go to Redemption Island instead. According to Jeff, this is their way of experimenting how far would these castaways go when it comes to separating strategy from personal relationships. Or would it matter?

No word yet on other notable twists used in past seasons such as the hidden immunity idol. Guess we'll find out during the premier.

CBS has also announced that the new season will have a 90-minute premier telecast on September 18, Wednesday.