Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet the Cast: Candice & John

In anticipation of the upcoming premier of Survivor: Blood vs Water, several press videos and interviews had been released to give fans a glimpse of the twists that are upon them with the new season. At the same time, it gives fans the opportunity to learn more about the castaways and their loved ones. Most of you, fans, are probably excited to get to know more of the loved ones, especially since we already know (at least, to some extent) what to expect from the returning castaways.

Candice Woodcock-Cody is a third-time player. She first appeared in Survivor: Cook Islands wherein she is best known for her mutiny against the then-Aitu tribe to join her allies Parvati and Adam at the Raro tribe. She made her second appearance in Heroes vs Villains wherein she was part of the Heroes tribe that were decimated by the villains. When she turned on her own tribe mates to vote out Amanda, she was quickly voted off the next tribal council since her supposed new alliance did not trust her.

Is third time the charm for Candice? It will be a completely different game this time because she is joined by her husband, John. You can learn more about the duo's strategy in this video of Candice and her husband John Cody in an interview on-set with Dalton Ross for Entertainment Weekly.

Stay tuned for other videos from other Survivor castaways and their loved ones.

Which duo has emerged as your pre-game favorite in Survivor: Blood vs Water?

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