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If you're like me, I'm sure you can't get enough of Survivor! Here are some of the sites that I check out constantly to get inside dibs, information, and other things Survivor on the web. If you would like to be added into the list, email me here with your site suggestions: 

Dean's Survivor Insights
Rob Has a Website
Survivor Fever
Survivor Seasons
Entertainment Weekly Blog
Parvati Shallow's Recap on THR



  1. Hi...I'm a Survivor fan also from the first season...with season 29 as blood vs water scenario again, I am suggesting a scenario of a one tribe like in one world but with a twist - 2 group of 9 people that were schoolmates, co-workers, teammates, survivormates from the past or a family, townsfolk, etc...a sort of a get together or a REUNION when competing the two groups decide who will be the leader and the leaders pick their teammates from the tribe - forming 2 groups + a group of misfits whose not picked...losing go to tribal to vote one member out to live in a separate tribe of outcast, but will compete for a challenge - whoever he/she pick from the tribe but the tribe will decide in advance what two kind of challenges and practice it a day before the match - the tribes' champion will decide what will be the challenge - a mental or a physical one...if the outcast wins the champion will also becomes an outcast...and they will wait for another outcast from tribal and the three of them will fight again the tribes champions (3 also) for a mental or physical challenge...one-on-one with the champions choosing the challenge and the opponent...outcast losing will be out forever but champions out they will join the outcasts to repeat again the cycle of challenges...until the final 4...this will complicate Survivor more plus the usual idol and blood-vs-water thing if there will be a family group to join as contestants...this will also be an opportunity for old survivor, classmates, teammates, coworkers, town-mates buddies and nemesis to get together to re-freshen the bond, cure old wounds, or to reawaken bad blood...I hope you get my point and do suggest it to CBS because i love Survivor so much that TV will not be the same without IT!!! more power

  2. nice post. i started a survivor fan community as well where members can start their own groups, forums, topics, and have their own survivor style blogs. It's all free and designed to get survivor fans engaged, talking about the love of the game. The slogan is: learn, discuss,enjoy. Anyone reading come and visit: whogotvotedoffsurvivor.com

  3. boston rob from season 22 is now on the poker industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmVmscGZYIM

  4. Recently binge watching past seasons I noticed the bags they were given. I'd like to see a collection of the bags.


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