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Survivor Caramoan: Meet the Fans

When it comes to a Survivor season that pits newbies versus returning players, there is always that age-old question: do the veterans have automatic advantage over the new players? Clearly, with the second edition of Fans vs Favorites, most fans would like to think "yes" given how Parvati and her girls alliance had easily manipulated the rookies by weaving a web of lies and other cunning strategies (apart, of course, from their charm and sex appeal) that eventually earned her the million dollar prize. 

But this batch of Favorites is an ecclectic one, to say the least. Hence, to say that there will be a Black Widow Alliance 2.0 is a bit far-fetched. Sure, there's Brenda and Corinne who have the potential to manipulate their way to the top but it's a different set of castaways that none of these former castaways had seen strategize before. And this is when the advantage of the fans can come into play.

Hence, this post is dedicated to getting to know more about the fans. I just recently had the opportunity to look at their bios and videos, so hopefully I can get a spot-on assessment at their chances of making it far, or even win the game. 

First off, the women...

Allie Pohevitz

A 25-year old bartender from New York. I picked her as one of my first impression bets during an earlier post about the cast reveal. I have good vibes about her. But checking out her bio, I wasn't too impressed. Take note of the 3 things she want to have on the island. And the Survivor contestant she is most like - Jenna Morasca, really? Thankfully, she had a good reason for it

CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video

Hope Driskill

I'm sorry but I have little hope for this 23-year old pre-law student. She is easy on the eyes, but she oddly reminds me of Sydney from Tocantins. Sydney was one of my pre-show bets for that season and it did not turn out well. If she can get a solid alliance, though, she might be able to go far. But if she proves a liability, tough luck for her. I am counting on her to prove me wrong.

CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video
Julia Landauer

As a racecar driver, she seems like a very competitive and driven woman. She also picked Kim Spradlin as her favorite Survivor. Julia cites puzzles and building things as some of her favorite hobbies - two of the most crucial skills you need coming into a game like Survivor. Will these skills help her? But Survivor is also a social game. If she can learn to downplay her abilities (seeing that she has confidence in them), then she could potentially be a candidate to go far.

CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video

Laura Alexander

Another good-looking, 23 year old in this batch of new castaways. She could prove to be my dark horse pick from the fans but there is nothing too impressive about her bio right now. She claims to be a big fan of the show but then makes generic picks of her favorite Survivors like Parvati and Jenna. Also, she says she knows what works and doesn't work on Survivor. Typically, you can only say that after you've played once. Let's see...

CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video

Sherri Biethman

In this group of women, Sherri stands out - not in a good way, though. She is the only one above the age of 40, the rest are in the 20s. It would be interesting to see how she makes bonds with the younger women. Her rankings within the tribe will, therefore, depend on how she bonds with the group and her performance at challenges (and in the camp). Unfortunately, she lists herself is a "natural leader", which is almost always a deadly formula in Survivor.

CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video 

Eddie Fox 

Eddie seems like the all-American guy. Good-looking, young, athletic.. you get the picture. He seems like built for this game physically, but it is always the strategic part that will get you far. But because he looks at Boston Rob as the player he is most like, I will surely amp up my expectations for him to deliver, especially because he says he's great at adapting to new situations.

CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video

Matt Bischoff 

When you first see Matt, the first thing you notice is the hair and the beard! But being a dad, there seems to be a soft spot inside him. Hopefully, he can use that to make connections with his fellow tribemates instead of alienate him from them. When asked for his reason being on Survivor, he says "I also want to open up people’s minds and show them not to judge a book by its cover". Not that I underestimate his ability to play this game, and play it well, I am excited for him to surprise me.
CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video

Michael Snow

Mike, in his meet the cast video, claims he can guarantee that he will be annoying at some point. Trouble. At least he is aware that he can be annoying. But still, that isn't any guarantee either that he will do something about it. Seems like he's this season's gay guy... but I still could not shake off the bad memories Chet brought us fans when he played in the first Fans vs Favorites. Hopefully, he does not follow that route.
CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video

Shamar Thomas

Shamar looks, at first glance, like a giant teddy bear. He seems likable and has a great vibe about him. But he's a war veteran in Iraq, so you know he can tough it out. His work experience can definitely serve him well in the physical and mental challenges of this game. But what about the social? Another thing that could potentially screw the game up for him? He cites Rupert as his favorite player because he "played the game with honor". Seems like another one of those that care so much about their honor and integrity that could end up being their downfall.
CBS Bio | Meet the Cast videCBS Bio | Meet the Cast video

Reynold Toepfer 

Another young and athletic guy in the Fans tribe. But one thing that made him stand out in my eyes is his claim to "dazzle people". In a social game, your ability to influence people and get them on your side is key. Sure, he can compete in the physical challenges but it's the mental side of the game that will spell the difference. I am coming into this season with an open mind about Reynold's game. I'm curious to see if he walks the talk.

CBS Bio | Meet the Cast video

Which of the fans are you rooting to go far or win?

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  1. I don't really see any of these personalities meshing well with the people from the favorites. So once it gets to the solo play, I'd assume who ever has the numbers is going to win. Hopefully there is an early tribe swap that forces them to mingle. And hopefully there isn't a person like Jeff Kent, gunning for the returning players.

    I think I have to root for Matt, because I know a friend of his. I'd also root for Allie. She looks tough, but she also looks like the crybaby of the season. She might make it to the end. At this point tho. I don't have any faith in the fans. The last time we had fans in this game, one gave up immunity at tribal... really dude? How about you put those of us who have the hunger to play the game, and not give up.


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