Friday, January 11, 2013

Best of Malcolm

If you'd been reading my blog all-season long, then the cat's probably out of the bag that I love Malcolm. He was my number one bet to win and Denise came in at a close second. I mean, c'mon, he's already tall, is good looking, amazing locks, and physically fit, then he's smart too? The way he smoked those puzzles in the remaining 2 episodes were amazing!

And so I felt it was only fitting that I make my own post dedicated solely for him. With the season over, and me feeling slightly craving for my weekly Malcolm fix, I have a lot to talk about Malcolm. Okay, I admit. Majorly craving.

Shall we get started?

Contrary to popular belief, the main reason why I picked Malcolm as my pre-show bet is because of his impressive bio and this "Meet the Cast" video released by CBS. I read all of the profiles from other castaways and his was the only one that stood out for me. When he revealed that he was an Ivy League graduate, that only made him way hotter in my books. But honestly, I had a bit of doubt coming in. I thought for sure he was going to be one of those studs who claimed they are the best at the strategic game. But not only did he played the best strategy, he also did a fantastic job at the social aspect of this game! He can clearly walk the talk!

See the video for yourself:

Finding the hidden immunity idol, alongside sealing an alliance with Denise, was the most important factors to his success in the game. Had he not found the idol, he might've been gone sooner than he did given his threat status and lopsided numbers coming into the merge. First time he's shown us a huge smile, too, after four back-to-back trips to tribal council.

On episode 8, Malcolm did one of the ballsiest moves in Survivor history (right along the lines of Parvati giving out immunity idols to Sandra and Jerri at Heroes vs Villains, as well as Russell giving his immunity idol to Parvati). It was a smart strategic play on his part because it kept him from playing the idol. This moment also helped to produce arguably the most exciting tribal council this season. 

My favorite reward this season is the ambassador reward. He got to play with the kids, meet some locals, and gorge on a local feast! I think this moment shown us a side of Malcolm that most of us probably did not know existed. Awwww!

The first individual immunity. The very same episode wherein Lisa attempted her second shot at getting rid of Malcolm was also the moment when he won his first individual immunity necklace. It was such a close win but he rose under pressure. He looks good with that necklace on!

And then he went on an immunity challenge winning spree after that.. looked like his puzzle solving skills came in handy!


That look on his face when Jeff snuffed his torch is priceless. Not that I am happy about it. But I could feel his frustration knowing that he is just one vote away from making it to the end. In hindsight, he did everything right until that final point when he distanced himself from Denise. But what's done is done. It was just a special moment - still wish his torch wasn't snuffed though!

Any chance they could get him back on Survivor, I will be the first to watch it! Am I creepy? LOL

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