Sunday, January 13, 2013

Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites Cast Revealed

The first edition of Survivor's Fans vs Favorites was a success with Parvati's Wicked Witch alliance reigning supreme, which the producers are banking on the same successful formula to follow up quite an epic season in Survivor Philippines. The location for this season will be the same as the previous one, Caramoan Islands.

The Spring edition of Survivor will premiere on February 13 on CBS (Filipino viewers, please check back again for local show airdates). There has been much buzz about this group of castaways as former Survivor castaways (many think as the weakest set of returnees yet) will go up against a new set of castaways, claiming to be big fans of the show. 

On the Favorites side, Malcolm, Brenda, and Andrea are the only ones I truly care about. The rest are either hated by fans, known for their blunders (aka dumb moves), and simply forgettable characters. However, Jeff Probst have claimed earlier that this is going to be a better season than Suvivor Philippines. Now, that's saying a lot given that the previous season could also fall into my Top 3!

Below is the complete list of returning castaways:

Malcolm Freberg - Survivor: Philippines
Erik Reichenbach - Survivor: Micronesia
Brandon Hantz - Survivor: South Pacific
Phillip Shephard - Survivor: Redemption Island
John Cochran - Survivor: South Pacific   

Brenda Lowe - Survivor: Nicaragua
Andrea Boehlke - Survivor: Redemption Island
Corinne Kaplan - Survivor: Gabon
Francesca Hogi - Survivor: Redemption Island
Dawn Meehan - Survivor: South Pacific

Meanwhile, the fans are as zealous as can be (as expected) to be able to play against some of the former castaways they watched before they got enlisted for the show. 

Right off the bat, my instincts tell me that Eddie is going to be a tough competitor for the Fans tribe. He is a fireman, and I do have tremendous respect for firemen (and one of my favorite winners is Tom from Palau, who is also one), and so I know right there and then that he will be leading his tribe when it comes to the challenges. I also see him taking on leadership role around camp when it comes to building a shelter and getting a fire started. 

Also, I like Matt, just because we haven't seen anyone like him before. If anything, I am just curious to see what he can bring to the table. Maybe he will provide comic relief at camp. Who knows? That's something I want to watch. 

Mike, on the other hand, he does not look like he can survive the social game. He himself admitted in the Meet the Cast video that he can guarantee he will be annoying at some point. Uh oh. 

For the girls, I am having a good vibe about Allie. I need to take a more extensive look at her bio, though. But she looks like someone who is outgoing and would be able to take on any physical challenges and not complain about bugs and all that at camp.

 To get to know more of this season's cast, watch CBS' "Meet the Cast" video:

Are you excited about this new season?  


  1. It's unbelievable we're rooting for the same fans. Eddie is already a big favorite in PoS especially by the girls. As for Allie, I chose her because she totally surprised me with her profile. She even looks like Carrie Underwood, have you noticed? If possible, I hope to see these two in a solid alliance and will find the other perfect 4 to secure the numbers.

    For the favorites, Malcolm got a superior experience over others. Please read my blog to understand why www dot survivordean dot com

    For sure, Malcolm was invited for the right reasons and I'm confident to say he'll last a day longer than what he already achieved. It's also not an impossibility for him to create an alliance with Brenda, which is kinda a repeat of Chase-Brenda relationship in Nicaragua - though Malcolm is a lot better, right?

  2. Malcolm has the best shot because no one has seen him play yet. Day one of this season was filmed the day after the Kim & Chelsea's, live reunion show aired. So no one has seen Malcolm. It's almost like Russell Hantz survivor season. I'm stoked because I know someone who knows one of the survivors in real life.

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  4. I think that the fans have a lot of work on forming alliance. I think they are doing a huge mistake in forming a 4 side alliance this early, when there is like other people on the tribe. It could easily be a sitaution where that takes a turn for a worse. I also think that the showmance is a bad move early on. Everyone is going to be eyeing at you going like The fuck? I think it's better to save those make out session for off island. Shamar is a doing things wrong, it's a huge mess fucked up. Day one start being uncooperative bye and your done. The fact that he started that fire might have also saved his ass, i don't know what his game plan is. Francesca is good in challenges this move could have pontetinally hurt the favorites because there is so many others threates right now that can place a bigger target on themselves. Cochran sucking up pitty might work, if he uses that to his advantage.


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