Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 10 Highlights from Survivor Philippines

The 25th season of Survivor might be over and done with yet somehow this season has left a lasting imprint on every die-hard Survivor's mind. There are undeniably a few great personalities and characters on the show, which is the perfect ingredient to an unforgettable season. Time and again, I've said that this is one of the best seasons in recent memory and that's all because of some of the most memorable things that had transpired throughout this journey. 

I'm sure most of you have your own picks, but I'd let you share that to me at the comments section (yes, I'd love to hear about them!). Meanwhile, here is my top ten:

10. Abi hitting Mike in the head. This scene was taken off Episode 9 wherein Pete left. As Malcolm and Skupin were lying on the beach talking, Abi was a few feet away chopping off a coconut. Throughout this season, Abi was as dysfunctional as can be. The things that come off her mouth and the things she does were funny (or annoying) without her even realizing it. And what's even funnier than this scene? Skupin is on the verge of another injury (yet again!) even though it's not of his own doing, this time. You can watch the funny clip here:

9. Accident prone Mike. Early in the season, Malcolm wrote this funny tweet: "In any given room, there's a hundred ways to kill a man. In that same room, there's 8000 ways for Skupin to kill himself." And I guess he was right. Injuries piled one after the other, and as we went deeper into the game, I was having this slight tinge of fear of Mike being medevac'd again. Good thing it didn't happen or else it would be such a waste of opportunity. To see just how bad it got, see for yourself:

8Jonathan's first immunity win. I loved Penner this season. He was a target right off the bat, but when he was forced to play his idol and had his back against the wall, he rose to the occasion by winning the immunity challenge on Episode 8. And not just any immunity, his first ever! Well done!

7. The first big twist. I loved this twist. Because if both Denise and Malcolm weren't separated to Kalabaw and Tandang, then there is a huge possibility that the Matsing tribe had been wiped out pre-merge. Since these two were also my favorites, I was happy that they had a new lease on life in the game despite having to part ways.

6. Dawson's kiss. Oh, someone's smitten. From the very first episode and even in her pre-show interviews, I've found Dawson to be quite weird. Turns out, she was excited about her time on Survivor because she's got a little crush on Jeff. And even on the day her torch was snuffed, Dawson got her wish - to kiss Jeff and feel those iconic dimples against her own cheek. But as it turns out, this won't be the last kiss she'd get from him. You can watch it again here (because I know you want to - I was as surprised when that happened as Jeff probably was):

5. The whale shark reward. Truly amazing. No other words can best describe this reward!

4. Malcolm finding Matsing's hidden immunity idol.This was a pivotal moment in Malcolm's individual game. He was perceived as the bigger threat post-merge so having this on his pocket was critical, more so than it would be for Denise's game. And did you see how well he leveraged it on Episode 8? Unbelievable!

3. The big idol reveal. Take it from me: Episode 8 tribal council will surely go down in history as one of the craziest tribal councils ever. With Lisa outing his hidden immunity idol, Malcolm revealed his idol to everybody else to keep himself from playing it. This was probably the scariest I'd been throughout the season. When Malcolm didn't play the idol and it turned out that no votes were thrown his way, it was only then that I heaved a sigh of relief. And that's why I love Malcolm!

2. The ambassador reward. Nothing quite like a reward that allows you to immerse into the culture of the land. As a Filipino, it was heartwarming getting to see them experience this aspect of Filipino life even in a tiny moment. I'm sure it's one of those things that these Survivors (at least those who went on this reward) will relive until the rest of their lives!

1. The Winner

There is nothing more fulfilling about Survivor Philippines than the fact that we had a deserving winner. Honestly, it would have flew right to number one on my list of favorite season if Malcolm would've won this thing (and yes, I still think that he played the best game!). 

But Denise is just as worthy of a winner - they had a similar backstory, were equally competitive in the physical and strategic side to the game (with Malcolm slightly ahead of her in the social game), and had a good understanding and awareness of their strengths and played it to a tee. It was smart of Denise to take him out at the Final Four and for that, she deserved to become the Sole Survivor! 

What's your favorite moment from this season? 


  1. Nothing beats Angie's "Cookies" moment in Tribal Council. Hahaha!

    1. That's a good one but not quite enough to make it into my top 10 :D

    2. How about the moment when Jonathan asked Carter who to get rid of and Carter just replied "Katie or Penner" - I was dying laughing while watching.

    3. That's good too, but I am trying to cover the major moments, not the small ones.

  2. Anything said or done by Abi gets my vote.


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