Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Survivor Caramoan TV Guide Preview

It is less than a week until the premiere of the latest season of my favorite show, Survivor. We've already met the fans and favorites cast so it is now the opportunity to get a closer look into each of them, as well as get a glimpse of what the season has in store for us. Earlier, Jeff Probst hyped this season up to be better than Survivor Philippines, which helps to excite me even more because the 25th season is clearly on my top 5 list!

The TV Guide preview just recently aired and it gives fans an extensive look at the challenges, twists, and other things to expect with the second edition of Fans vs Favorites. Check out below for the 3-part series for the Survivor Caramoan TV Guide preview, featuring Lisa Whelchel, a former castaway. 

Survivor Caramoan TV Guide Part 1

Survivor Caramoan TV Guide Part 2

 Survivor Caramoan TV Guide Part 3 

Are you team Fans or team Favorites?

PS: Quick update on the poll I've set up on the blog. According to fans who voted on my website, 33% (which is the highest vote getter) were happy to see Malcolm return. The next most popular favorite is Corinne at 15%, while Brenda, Erik, and Cochran each got 12% of the votes! Both Francesca and Brandon did not receive any votes.