Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Survivor Philippines Episode 4 Predictions

It's one more day (here in the Philippines) until the next episode of Survivor Philippines. I know... I'm nervously excited. What's the fate of Matsing? Are we looking at a possible turnaround? Or things will finally start to shake up with either Tandang or Kalabaw?


I've also seen a preview of the challenge by the challenge producer of the show himself, John Kirkhoffer, and the rest of the dream team. All I can say is it's going to be a good one, for sure. I like the concept - original - and how they incorporate the Philippine culture into these challenges. As a Filipino, it does make me proud. It seems that Matsing made the right decision to keep Russell because with this kind of a challenge, they seem to have a better shot with him over Angie. 

Let's play out the scenario here for a bit to determine who are likely to be voted out, in case any the three tribes head to tribal.

For Matsing, the vote is clear: if Matsing don't win another immunity challenge, Russell is going home. No question about it.

image: CBS
For Tandang, it's a tossup because there are way too many directions things can go. If you have the likes of Pete and Abi on the power side of the tribe, anything goes! But I feel like Pete comes in to this with more of a plan than Abi does. If their plan does not work out, we might see Lisa go. But if they can come up with something, either RC and Mike are in trouble.

For Kalabaw, it's a tough call. I don't think Jeff Kent will attempt a blindside with Penner just yet because he can use him in the game later on. It might be one of the weaker girls, such as Katie or Dawson. But it's difficult to tell what the tribe dynamics would be when it comes to voting off their tribe members given that some of them barely get airtime. 

What's your bold prediction coming into episode 4 of Survivor: Philippines? Don't forget to share them in the comments section below.


  1. I was right with my prediction that it's Russel's time to go home. This move can really be beneficial for Malcolm and Denise.

    1. Well done, Dean! You really are a Survivor genius :)


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