Friday, October 5, 2012

Quick Thoughts on Survivor: Philippines Episode 3

Wow, what do we have here? I waited one week for a brand new episode of Survivor: Philippines and this is what I got? Overall, it wasn't the best episode of the season but a few KEY things took place that could potentially shake up future episodes...

Last week, when Jonathan found the idol, the first thought that came into my mind is that if the rest of the tribe are going to notice that the thing on top of their rice container was missing. Turns out, they did! And Jeff Kent's suspicion was quickly up that Jonathan has the idol. But not so fast right there, as Jeff and Jonathan made a pact to work together. This is another interesting development in the game. That bit about Jeff using his forefinger to shake hands with Jonathan is a funny moment in this episode. It's good when players keep their options open - it means anything can happen after the bend!
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Another fiasco about the hidden immunity idol? Who would've guessed that Abi-Maria is going to be the one to find the idol at Tandang's camp? I knew there was just too much animosity between RC and Abi to be able to make it work - the trust thing was completely out of the equation following that confrontation. Apparently, RC might have been hitting herself in the head now, questioning her decision to share the clue with Abi. Oh well...

Still with Tandang, Pete finally got to show us some gameplay. I kudos him for going with a good strategy of keeping things down low on his part, and then working with Abi to find the idol. They now have power on their side and it was just unfortunate for Skupin and RC that they are now shifted to the bottom of the totem pole.

Meanwhile, over at Matsing, things seem to have been more peaceful. Malcolm and Denise have reinforced the pact they made to each other on episode one and it was something that made me heave a sigh of relief. If these two continue on with their team-up, they could be deadly later on in the game, but the good thing is that they know how to play that alliance low-key that they aren't going to be perceived as a threat right off the bat. 

Both Malcolm and Denise also dominated the immunity challenge for their team. No, scrap that, they basically did all the work for their team during that challenge. Angie was pathetic, despite the fact that she went for the uppermost puzzle piece. Russell was also equally pathetic and lifting himself up the ladder towards the platform seemed like such a chore for him. I mean, time and again, this dysfunctional tribe can't seem to get it together. Everything is always amiss. I feel for Malcolm and Denise who had to give their 110% every single time, only for somebody else to lose it for them. 

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And still in the challenge, Skupin bleeds yet again. I don't know if I should feel sorry, laugh at, or be annoyed with Mike's inability to keep off these injuries. It is starting to get old and if he can't get his act together, that might just be one reason to convince his tribe that he's better to be off the island. 

The tribal council was intense once more for Matsing. As much as I hate seeing them going to tribal over and over again, I'm sure it sucked even more for these four players. I can't help but feel goosebumps because this one is like deja vu from Survivor: Palau wherein the Ulong tribe, which appeared to be so strong, just could not pull of a win. And the tribe dwindled away until the final two contestants, two of their strongest too, had to go up against a challenge. I hope it doesn't happen here because I can't imagine seeing neither Malcolm nor Denise go out this early, but there is an eerie resemblance of the fact that Ulong and Matsing does not have a clear-cut leader on their tribe. 

For next week, I have high hopes that the previous three trips to the tribal council will fuel up the 3 remaining Matsing tribe members. It would be fun to see more tribal action for the other two tribes, too. 

What do you think about Matsing's chances coming into episode four? Or will either Tandang and Kalabaw finally vote out on of their own?

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  1. I'm down with three first-impression bets still, even with Angie's exit, I love this episode. I love how the edit showed a fair amount of important scenes in Kalabaw and Tandang. Of course, Matsing stole 60% of airtime.

    It's quite funny that Matsing is getting all these airtime just because they kept on losing but the truth is - there are more interesting events in Kalabaw. The tribe is very competitive!

    I'm looking forward for your power rankings and last time you did this post, Kent was only #4, now I want to see his new ranking.


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