Friday, October 26, 2012

Survivor Philippines Episode 6: "Let's Talk Turkey"

So... my power rankings proved right. Katie went home after the latest episode of Survivor: Philippines, which was long overdue, I believe. She was spared last time out with Dawson leaving due to her knowledge of Jeff Kent's identity and this time out, Katie has got nowhere to hide. As much as I love Katie, I felt like it was the right vote (although one that is questionable in terms of strategy, but more on that later) because she was the weak link. Of course, several different arguments can emerge depending on where you are basing it from.

Image: CBS

But first, we need to talk about THE reward challenge that never were. I watched a clip of the Dream Team doing a practice run at this challenge. It is classic Survivor challenge. Isn't it fun to watch castaways wrestling each other in the mud trying to push a gigantic ball at the same time? Sounds like total chaos, right? Right. Only that that didn't happen. The veterans opted to talk it out instead. Tandang rallies to get Kalabaw's remaining supply of rice while Kalabaw wants to get some sandwiches. Good gamble? This is Survivor for god's sake! Why would you want to trade your only source of sustenance for one meal?! Carter was unhappy with the deal that Penner proposed but the latter got his wish anyway. Good thing they had those love letters at home to appease his decision with the rest of the tribe but that doesn't change the fact that it was a stupid move knowing that he couldn't bring home the food he promised.

Image: CBS
On Tandang's end, it wasn't worth the trade either because 1) Kalabaw did not have much supply of rice left, and 2) they risk themselves of losing momentum. Well, it wasn't technically a win for Kalabaw because Tandang forfeited. But the huge morale boost you can get from just winning can do wonders for a tribe. According to Lisa, it was a double loss because they forfeited!

And you know what's even funnier than the deal made? Artis blowing off steam and badmouthing Skupin thereafter. It was funny clip of him talking to Malcolm about trying to calm down so he can say things in a "calm manner". He is such a transparent person and highly negative, too. I don't think he can last that long with such negativity and his inability to keep the emotions in check. It is also a stark contrast to how well Malcolm is playing this game, socially speaking. He didn't say anything to Artis but just let him release his steam. By doing so, he did not further fuel Artis' animosity towards Skupin and he did not take sides during the process. Well played.

Onto the only real challenge for the night, the immunity challenge. Another classic. One person gets to use a giant catapult to launch a ball towards the air as the rest of the tribe attempt to catch one ball on their basket. Malcolm owned this challenge, no doubt. Three consecutive points. And those points end up being a game winner. Poor Carter. The lack of food at camp must have gotten the best of him. He can do nothing to catch up to Malcolm. Jeff said it best, he was "outmuscled and outmanuevered".

Image: CBS

Another highlight at the immunity challenge was Jeff clearly picking on the two weakest girls from their respective tribes - Abi Maria and Katie. Probst reiterated that Abi only competed in 2 out of 8 challenges so far, and him using the word "ineffective" a gazillion times to describe Katie in the challenge. Wow.

Another favorite Carter moment for the night came down after the immunity challenge. Talking strategy with Jeff Kent with little food in your tummy must be really messing with your head. When Jonathan approached the other two guys at Kalabaw to discuss what their vote for the night was, he went on to throw the question back at Jonathan saying, and let me put the entire phrase here because it is too damn funny", "what do you think... Katie or Penner?" But what's funnier than that is when he retracted and said, "I mean Denise... Katie or Denise?" Well played Carter. The Survivor editors struck gold with this moment. And you, Carter, just earned your spot in the Survivor classic!


As for tribal council, I was expecting a blindside with Jonathan, just for the sake of it. I seriously thought it was going to happen, especially with those meaningful looks exchanged between Jeff Kent and Carter at tribal. But Katie reached the end of her Survivor journey. I am sad to see her go because I was hoping for her to go beyond her beauty queen persona. But in a game that is about survival of the fittest, her pledge of loyalty was not enough.

Next week, merge time! I can't be more excited because that means Malcolm and Denise are back in each other's arms. Ha! These two are going to kill it, hopefully. And if Malcolm can bring in Lisa, they have a solid three and it would be easy to swing votes to their favor. 

What's your take on this episode? Are you looking forward to the big merge next week?


  1. Unfortunately as you say Katie had nowhere left to hide and it has been that way since Dana left the game.
    The Reward challenge was a little disappointing for me, (as most I suspect)while I am the first to admit that there was never going to be a winner, trading the rice for one meal and not allowing Tandang to keep their momentum going was a good move by Penner.
    Next weeks merged episode looks great and is going to bring lots of different personalities and the possibilities of possible alliances is going to be fun to watch.

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for the comment. Nice point you raised there. But I guess it didn't work because Tandang still won the IC. But anyway, there are lots of things to look forward to now that the tribes have merged. You know there's a lot of cracks within that Tandang tribe so there are so many different ways things can go. Exciting is the word!!

    2. It was a let down for me. I called it the worst challenge in survivor. Outside of the one they had to replay because the stick broke. But, I think it goes against the point of the game to give up a challenge. Regardless of what you are gaining. Rice is in no way a substitute for momentum. It was a brilliant play by Penner. And if Tandang found out they missed out on letters from family... Things would have escalated way more than they did with Artis.

      As far as Jeff and Katie are concerned. Jeff's focus was always Penner. (dumb idea anyway). But, he said "Voting out Katie, is the Easy Vote." I think he took the easy way out and didn't actually "play the game" as he likes to claim he does. If he was actually playing the game, he'd have taken out Penner. But.. Since he didn't Penner ended up outplaying him in the end.


Thanks for your comment. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say! :)