Saturday, December 1, 2012

Survivor Philippines Episode 11: Hell Hath Frozen Over

Blame it to Murphy's Law or Law of Attraction, but the game of Survivor Philippines has turned upside down. Last week, we saw Pete getting the boot (finally!) and now the Axis of Evil is down to their Queen - Abi-Maria. Looks like an easy boot knowing that she can't win a challenge, right? Of course, it's all but necessary to think that way given that she has hardly even competed in the challenges, much less win it! But Abi pulled a Penner this week and that sends the plan of the alliance of six up in the air.

It's odd seeing Abi cry in search of empathy in a game that is all but. As Malcolm said, it's hard to feel empathic for her. Apparently, she likes to give it, but she can't take it. She thinks that Denise was too harsh on her on the previous tribal council. But is she, really? I refuse to believe so, because she has done the exact same thing to Lisa and Skupin (only unknowingly). This is the time that she faces up to the consequences of her actions.

Then there is the classic Survivor auction... Personally, I loved that we had an auction this season! It is always a nice break from the game and fun to see the castaways react to the sight of food. But I still can't figure out how they did not try to outbid Abi for the immunity advantage! I'd have to think that this was the best strategic move she's done the entire time she was out there (so far). She was the only one during that auction that has kept their mind in the game and I do think that the others got a bit complacent that time. But who can blame them really? Living off of beans and rice for 30 days will sure have its toll on you! And this is what is so great about the auction - it lures your mind away from the game even for a while with food and a bit of comfort as bait.

Off to the immunity challenge, Abi concocted this plan that there are two notes in the immunity advantage she won during the Survivor auction. Did they buy it? Not sure - only time will tell. If there were another idol at the island, though, wouldn't Jeff be the first one to tell the castaways about it? This little plan of Abi will surely stir things up back at camp in the next episode. 

Back to the challenge, the rest truly underestimated Abi. But she went guns ablazing at that challenge knowing that she's well rested and had her back against the wall. That immunity was her only chance at life in the game. There's no question she is going home without it around her neck! But Carter, who was carrying additional weight on his shoulders and having to run two exhausting legs of the challenge, was eventually outdone at this challenge. There has been so many talks within the Survivor community that this challenge might be rigged. But some people perform well under huge pressure and Abi might be one of those people. 

And this is the point where you have to start looking back at your actions and strategies you have done in the past to see how it might hurt you... Jonathan Penner proved to have done a fatal mistake when he declined the offer for Final 3 with Lisa and Mike. In my opinion, you have to keep as many options open in the game as possible. Let's say that Jonathan wanted to stick with the six first before taking the next step, but with numbers quickly dwindling, you have to latch on to any alliance that you can make as it is important to keep the numbers on your side moving forward. I have to say this was very uncharacteristic of him, especially his reputation in the past of playing many sides. It ended up hurting him because the final four pact made between Denise, Malcolm, Lisa, and Skupin proved to be intact. 

Even in his departure, Penner has shown himself to be a character of this game. My favorite moment of the night would have to be when he took his torch and hugged Carter but refused to give Abi one. And that would have to be the funniest walk of shame ever!! He made it quite far and it's a shame to see him go as I've grown to love him this season. He made some lapses in judgment along the way and that ended up hurting his chances in the game.

Now, it's down to Carter and Abi should the Final Four alliance remain strong. Will Abi be able to pull off another miracle next week? With two episodes left until the finale, this game is surely going down to the wire! Be sure to check my recap next week to break down on all the action. And of course, there's the family visit - another favorite!

PS: Sorry for the late post, I was out and about during my birthday. Hope to see you next week!


  1. Each new week the episodes just seem to get stronger as the countdown to the finale gets closer and closer.
    The auction was great, it did give them all a chance to step away from the game with the lure of good food, but as we see most seasons, the one that is in trouble the most has their eye on that challenge advantage and that was no different for Abi, who as we all know was in trouble and subsequently went on to win the challenge, whether the last stage was for her benefit or not, the fact is she won and lives to see another day.

    Lisa has got to the stage where she pisses me off with all her dumb comments about being loyal or hurting someone and if I hear her say that this game is too big for me, I'll scream louder than I do. I do not think she deserves to win, I hope she does not but if she makes it to the final tribal council I think she will win.

    Once again great blog, love your thoughts and hope your birthday was great.

  2. Each episode seems to get better and better as the countdown continues to the finale in a few weeks.

    The auction was good as always and the lure of good food is always a great excuse for the castaways to take their minds out of the game, if only briefly. But as with most previous auctions that one person who knows their days are numbered sits quietly waiting for the right moment and Abi played it well and subsequently it all paid off for as a result. Whether the challenge switched for her benefit or not, the fact remains she won and now gets to live another day.

    I was sad to see Penner go, I think he played well but the final 4 offer that was uncharacteristically knocked back by him was most definitely his downfall and he now realised that, a little too late though.

    Of the six remaining, two of them I am confident have no chance of actually winning, unfortunately one of those two is not Lisa, who does not deserve to win. I am sick of all her wishy washy attitude, her comments about the game being too big for her and her whichever way I vote, I am going to hurt someone. Other players like Denise or Malcolm deserve it more or even Skupin who has recently stepped up and started playing the game himself but I guess we'll see.
    Another great blog Bianca. Love your work.

    1. I agree. Lisa has been playing wishy-washy and so sick of her trying to play with her heart. This is the moment wherein I am starting to develop respect for Skupin's game because he has started to really play. I'm still rooting for both Denise and Malcolm to win and I think they have the best chances.

  3. No one could outbid Abi. She bid $500 and they couldn't share money or food. So no one could outbit Abi.

    1. I know, Sam. What I meant was that neither of them anticipated that and saved their money. In fact, Denise and Mike bid all of their $500 right away!


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