Thursday, September 27, 2012

Survivor Philippines: Quick Rundown of Episode 2

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The second episode of Survivor: Philippines was down a notch from the premiere episode, but it was still a good one overall. In this post, I will provide a quick rundown on the highlights of the episode and will later post an extensive analysis and how my favorites fair so far... shall we get started?

Jonathan Finds the Hidden Immunity Idol

Last week, the rest of the Kalabaw tribe made it clear that Jonathan was on the outs. And so, the veteran invested his time on finding the immunity idol. The clue held the key to his salvation in this game and it was important that he held on to that if he wanted to buy more time on the island. Lo and behold, he found it! This is when his experienced served him well.. he didn't panic and read through the clue over and over again. Good thing, the rest of his tribe were nonchalant about all these. It's interesting to see how he went from the bottom of the totem pole to the most powerful member of their tribe.

Lisa's Breakdown

Here's the thing... Survivor is a tough game! The elements are going to get to you and make island living real hard. Your tribemates are the only ones that got your back. Plus, it helps to bond with them to stave off loneliness for when you are away from your family and friends. But for Lisa to just run away from any opportunity of bonding with her tribe is beyond me. Doesn't she understand the social aspect of this game? Why can't she suck it up? Or, maybe, as she says, she's just not able to play this game. 

Roxanne - Breadown #2 for the Night

I got to applaud Roxanne for hugging the spotlight at tonight's episode in Survivor: Philippines. From limited confessionals and air time last week, she went guns ablazing this week. It started off with her comments on the developing showmance between Angie and Malcolm, then she goes on to have a breakdown... then that challenge thing. Well, she was doomed, basically. I felt like she was alright and had a fighting chance to stay, especially with Angie's cookie comments that had my jaw almost dropping to the ground, but the girl can't seem to shut up! She went on and on in her soliloquy (that seemingly is targeted towards Angie) like there's no tomorrow. Eventually, she spelled her own doom and I think Matsing made the right call this time.

Do you think Matsing can finally pull of a win next week? Or will this tribe be dissolved soon? Did they make the right decision to vote off Roxy over Angie? Lots of questions to be answered... don't forget to share your thoughts below.  

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