Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Understated Performances in Survivor Philippines Episode One

In a previous post, I’ve talked about which players are my favorites based on their performance in Episode 1. This time out, I’d like to talk about castaways from Survivor: Philippines that had shown great potential in the game, albeit in an understated manner. Sometimes, the “under the radar” technique really serves you well in the game of Survivor, so it is interesting to see the chances of players that are utilizing them right now.

Carter, Dawson and Jonathan

The superfan! For years now, quite a few Survivor superfans have been cast into the season and most of them had been a failure. It’s easy to see why – watching and playing Survivor are two completely different spots to be in.

But Dawson is different. She plays a subtle yet smart game. Proof? When she found out about Jeff Kent’s identity, she didn’t pull him aside right away to confront about his identity. She doesn’t go out to her other tribe mates badmouthing Kent, either, for lying to them. Instead, she decides to keep the information to herself until it becomes valuable for her. Nice thinking right there. This alone is something that makes it worth watching the next few episodes for. Jeff Kent might be in for some trouble if he doesn’t take care of Dawson.

Carter Williams

Okay, we might not have heard more than a line or two from Carter but I do think he’s shown great potential on the premiere episode. Clearly, he’d be an asset to this team seeing how well they made up valuable time during the boat leg of the first immunity challenge. That iconic scene at the start of marooning (wherein he caught the chicken and handed it off to Dawson before diving into the water) makes him stand out. But it’ll be interesting to see how his strategic game plays out…

Malcolm Freberg

I’ve been reading a lot of positive feedback on Malcolm and it is clear to see why. I’ve also listed him as one of my favorite castaways this season. Malcolm seems to be the perfect Survivor player with his outdoors skills, sharp wit, and amazing humor with a hint of sarcasm at times. Don’t you just enjoy his confessionals? Plus, he’s easy on the eyes.

But I like what I’m seeing that Malcolm is doing right now – he knows when to take it low and let others take the target. Take for instance that scene wherein they are building fire. He has the knowledge on how to build fire but simply instructed and allowed Russell to do it (and take the credit!). Simple details such as this help to eliminate the target off of his back and not make him a threat. Also, he seems very loud and opinionated on his confessionals but he never says these things in front of his tribe mates. He knows that anything he says can be used against him. His subtle ways will help him sneak his way to the top (hopefully!).

Abi Maria and Pete
Abi-Maria Gomes

Okay, she isn’t really my top choice for a female castaway but Abi-Maria is in a good position right now – at least within her tribe. She is part of the core alliance at Tandang, which she co-orchestrated. However, it was RC who was aggressive in building this alliance, thus taking the target off of her. Abi-Maria therefore acts behind the shadow of RC and this is a good strategy while also keeping the numbers on your side. I’m just not sure yet as to how she will be able to handle the game individually, which is why I am kind of in a toss-up with her game. 

What about you? Which are your favorite castaways based on what transpired on Episode One of Survivor Philippines? 

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