Friday, October 4, 2013

Update on Tyson's Injury at Survivor: Blood vs Water

The most recent reward/immunity challenge at Survivor: Blood vs Water was a highly physical one. Castaways will have to go up on a platform one at a time to go head to head with an opponent from the competing tribe via a sumo style wrestling competition. Indeed, as the tree mail noted, it is not your average pillow fight as some of the matchups got really intense.

In one of those matchups, Tyson suffered an injury to his shoulder claiming that it popped out of place such that he cannot lift it. Most of you, like I am were probably curious about what happened with his injury because it did not get much airtime after that happened.

Here is a longer video of the doctors examining Tyson's injury and their diagnosis:

Do you think this injury will hurt Tyson's game? Will he be medevac'd?

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