Monday, September 9, 2013

Survivor Blood vs Water: Behind-The-Scenes of First Immunity Challenge

It is a little over a week until the premiere episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water. As the 27th season of the longest-running reality TV show, Survivor strives for novelty by introducing lots of new twists to the game. One of the most notable new twist would be the return of Redemption Island, which most Survivor fans have a love-hate relationship with. Nonetheless, Jeff Probst and the show producers promise that there will be more layers to the Redemption Island twist to further complicate the game.

But with the premiere episode of each new season, the first immunity challenge is probably the most awaited. Castaways work hard to win the first challenge to ensure that they do not end up in the tribe that goes to tribal council first.

This season's first immunity challenge is scheduled to take place on Day Three. The challenge goes like this:

Image: Xfinity TV Blog

Six members will start off the challenge by sprinting to the beach and overcome a series of obstacles (net, rolling logs, platform with a stack of crates). Once they successfully navigate these obstacles, the castaways must make their way back to the water and towards the tribal boat. One of the six tribe members need to swim down to release the boat that is tied to a buoy and then row it back to the shore while collecting a chest containing puzzle pieces on their way back. When they reach the shore, the tribe must crack the chest open in order to retrieve the puzzle pieces. Three other tribe members will take those pieces to form a puzzle wheel. The first tribe to build the puzzle wheel must use it to raise a flag and win immunity for their tribe.

Final puzzle station (image courtesy of Xfinity TV Blog)
Feeling fired up for the first immunity challenge yet? Don't miss the 90-minute premiere on September 18!

Disclaimer: Photos and details courtesy of Xfinity TV Blog

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