Saturday, May 11, 2013

Survivor Caramoan Finale Preview

Following the blindside of Brenda Lowe at the previous episode of the ongoing Survivor Caramoan season, the Final 5 head into the finale wherein viewers will be treated to over 2 hours of show followed by the reunion show. A part of me is glad that we can finally crown a winner to what has been an unpredictable and emotional roller coaster ride of a season, which holds true for fans as it did for the castaways who competed.  There has been a lot of drama, memorable moments, crazy moves, blindsides, and so much more!

But it comes down to the Final 5: Eddie, Erik, Sherri, Dawn, and Cochran. It's safe to say that these are the 5 that most people wouldn't have predicted to make it this far.


Eddie, for instance, was on the outs since Day 1. He fell on the wrong side of the numbers going in as their Cool Kids alliance was picked off one by one. Somehow, he managed to survive along with his buddy, Reynold. But he is the lone amigo standing and he continues to evade having his torch snuffed. For how long? We've yet to find out.

Like Eddie, Erik also fell on the wrong side of the numbers after the first tribal council wherein he voted against Phillip. Erik eventually found his way back into the majority alliance and even earned a name under the Stealth R' Us crew. But his under-the-radar game has posed him as non-threat status and is slowly slipping into the finals again.

Sherri is the other fan who had managed to drizzle their way into the majority alliance post-merge. She was out on the loop for a while since Shamar got voted off. Then, she got a new lease in life at the game after Phillip brought her into the Stealth R' Us alliance to the point that she earned the nickname Tenacity. But can she hang on longer to make it to the finals?

Dawn is the emotional wreck this season. We've seen her breakdown at her previous season and things are no different this season. In fact, she probably holds the record for most breakdowns in one season... ever! But you can't deny that Dawn came into Survivor Caramoan with a different plan. She played hard and big! Case in point: taking out Brenda last episode because she was the biggest threat this deep into the game. Will that be enough to make her way into the finals and win?

Cochran has shown the biggest improvement out of all the returning castaways this season. He was a self-deprecating, non-athletic, and socially awkward player who is a self-confessed Survivor nerd during his first season. Remember the guy who asked Jeff to call him Cochran, his surname, instead of his actual name, John? Seems like he's lived up to it because he certainly didn't last time. In this season, Cochran has even dubbed himself a challenge beast after winning two immunity challenges! Heck, not even Malcolm can get one this season!

Of the final five, who do you think has the best chance to win? Be sure to comment your answers below and let's discuss!

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